Divine Love-Inspiration For The Times

Divine love advances inspirational values for the evolutionary, and transient times now at hand, the all-encompassing guiding light of the Creator’s absolute love is a potent influence quickening the human heart, accelerating the progress of society, and spurring on the pace of civilization through the difficult challenges, complex stages, and demanding phases currently facing mankind. Agape love heralds the eternal pathway to life everlasting, divinely, and patiently inspires humanity to live courageously, and joyfully onward, and upward over the troubled waters, and chaotic lands of human misdoings. 

Infinite love motivates the religion of living spiritual experience, revealing the God of love as the divine center, universal source, supreme model, and spiritualizing stimulus, presently, cooperatively, transforming, and piloting the soul of man toward the triumphant realization of peace on earth and goodwill among all people. The Spirit of Love promotes unity of ideals, and purposes for the progressive enhancement, and attainment of a high cultural civilization, fostering contact with, and release of spiritual energies, and insights, for the integrity, and wholeness of all relations; divine afflatus is causing a societal increase of God-consciousness, and rising aspirations to emulate God’s will-of-love.

The heavenly impulses of love divine in perfect liaison with cosmic wisdom, and the sovereignty of truth, beauty, and goodness is a glorious catalyst, inspiring the mortal heart with the spiritual impetus to improve the human condition; the revelations of creative love, imparts a higher vision for humanity, while stabilizing the dangerous transitions of social reconstruction. The indwelling Spirit, Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit, and seraphim, as one, in seamless ministry, are teaching, illuminating, and uplifting the heart-nature, mind, and spiritual imagination of each soul; the immense value-lure, and super-inspiration of divine love, through cosmic intelligence, now galvanizes powerful, and enduring changes for our times, even the realization of a planetary sister-brotherhood.