The Spiritual Warmth Of Divine Love

The spiritual warmth of divine love lights, and gently heats the soul aglow, divinely fires up the mind, and enkindles the energies of the body with a holy sweetness, and heavenly fragrance; the unrivaled affection of the indwelling Spirit enamors us in pure love, sparking enrapturing, and reverential feelings, ever expressive of the precious inner loving presence of our beloved Creator, whose intimate devotion, transcendent loyalty, fond embrace, and tender perfect love, fills the receptive heart to overflowing with warming delight, endearing happiness, and lauding rejoicement.

The spiritualizing warmness of God’s love effectively melts away any iciness of existence, while divinely hugging, upholding, and ensouling every person with eternal surety, infinite caring, and benign embracement, moreover, effusing each treasured, and prized personality with immortal soul endowment, everlasting worth, and the moving attractive beauty of divine loveliness, wherein, we are created the very sons and daughters of God, whose endless love bequeaths a deep sense of cosmic belonging, and an viscerally heartfelt loving attachment to our magnanimous, all-loving Creator, who divinely clasps every soul to the Universal, Eternal, and Infinite Spirit’s bosom of absolute love.

Infinite love warms the whole being, and all of life with loving-kindness, supernal tenderness, and sublime care, wherefrom our highly endeared, greatly adored, and mightily loved souls are touchingly inspired, and profoundly enthused to respond with a spiritual passion of supreme desire to increasingly love the Universal Creator with extolling adoration, worshipful cherishing, hearty communion, and loving service, extending, and thriving outwardly as warmheartedness of fraternal fellow feeling, affable concern, goodwill, and charity of heart toward all people—sister-brotherhood. A divine romance of the highest order, a paradisiac Spirit courtship, and eternal betrothal now ensues as the spiritual warmth of divine love infuses, and draws the whole of our being into the heart of the Beloved.