Keyed To The Lead Of Divine Love

We are foreordained to be increasingly keyed to the lead of divine love as we awaken to the awesome life affirming need to be totally freed, from the possessive greed of the self, which can constantly impede the flow of true love, for the Creator’s will-of-love, if we allow it to deeply seed, in our open, receptive, and fertile hearts, is certainly guaranteed, to inspire the growing soul forward in choosing immortal survival to eternally succeed; a love Supreme continually enjoins and teaches us to comprehensively read, and act upon the signs and summons of the blessed way of mounting truths, and transforming light of life, divinely, and most lovingly decreed.

We’re each a part of an all-inclusive, eternal, infinite, universal, cosmic, spiritual love creed, which in order to progressively proceed—according to the Creator’s ascendant schemata—we are directionally, and lovingly compelled to supersede the mortal estate, that we may learn through a higher love to spiritually relate, and continuously translate upon a progressive slate of spiritual living; the Spirit of Love is for the giving, and this we must sincerely heed, and wholeheartedly accede, henceforth, we enter into a greater league, of God realization, loving service, and sister-brotherhood, O how beautiful indeed.

Agreed to truly, and fully love, we will inevitably cede, and triumphantly exceed our human limitations, and be graciously led according to God’s speed, in liaison with every intention, act, and deed; conducted in advancing orchestrations of unity into the indwelling Spirit’s key of infinite love, in divine harmonization of being and becoming, in concert, joyous alignment, and blending attunement of agape love, in moment to moment assignment, drawing, and giving from the inexhaustible feed of God’s love, with whom we are forever companioned in perfection attainment, and gloriously keyed to the lead of divine love.