The Global Embrace Of Divine Love

The global embrace of divine love fills the entirety of our planetary space with the Creator’s loving grace; the spiritual heart is the living interface linking each soul in one-on-one approach to the Divine, whereby everyone can readily trace pure love to its perfect First Source and Center, by entering that sacred interior place, and directly face the Person of God, heart-to-Heart, and feel the warm lovesome glow of the Spirit’s presence, heating up our essence, with the radiant light and dynamic flow of love. We are all interlaced in an relationship based universe, eternally braced, in which not one personality can be replaced, erased, or effaced; we need not look any further than our inner-Spirit to get a blissful taste of true love.

Our world is part of a vast universal family tree, of infinite immensity, extending from the top to the bottom of the Creator’s omnipresent, multidimensional reality, making it forever true, all human beings share an endowed spirit equality, and spiritual legacy; for the Spirit of Holy Love, is poured upon, and within all flesh, ever leading us to our perfected best; there is no escape nor outside to divine love, from Paradise to earth, we are universally, eternally, infinitely, and painstakingly loved, embodied inside and out with spiritual love and affection, as a true reflection, of Mother Supreme, whose overcare enclasps the planet, and everyone in it, in growing perfection.

Our lovely planet is heartily held closer than close, tenderly embosomed by infinite love, wherein everyone is intimately known, perfectly loved, and gloriously shone as sons and daughters of the God of love; for the whole world is lovingly enveloped, graciously permeated, spiritually saturated, joyfully integrated, endearingly surrounded, securely enfolded, gently engulfed, devoutly encircled, warmly bound, and affectionately encompassed, eternally, in the global embrace of divine love.


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