The Indwelling Spirit Of Divine Love

O how blessed are we to be eternally lifted, by the Universal Creator’s gifted spirit individualization, portioned, and bestowed as our indwelling Spirit of divine love, straight from the infinite bosom of the Paradise Father above, promising loving oneness, fusion, and eternal union of each soul with the divinity of perfecting personality-spirit synthesis, moreover, constituting the wherewithal for immediacy of communication, unbroken intimate contact with the spiritual energy, and augmenting synergy of pure love, in truth, it becomes us to be wholehearted lovers of our Beloved Creator, who is so loving and trusting as to endow every human being with a fragment of the Essence of Infinity.

We are just beginning to realize the tremendous import of God’s love personalizing, synthesizing, and baptizing the welcoming heart with the capability at any given moment to be in direct loved filled communion with the inner and outer Person of God, who forever provides for the heart’s education, and maturation throughout the ascending celestial spheres; we’re inwardly endowed with the matchless affection, existential immanence, and absolute perfect beingness of our Maker, we’re made for each other, even sister and brother of one another, created in the loving image of the Divine—our inseparable companion, Spirit core, and infinitely more.

This Spirit of divine love, presently spiritually active, and divinely resident in our superconscious mind, gently leads, and guides the soul on its spirit merging quest, harmonizing, and inspiring true worship, rejoicing consecration, and spiritualizing elation; how touchingly beautiful, fulfilling, and Godlike to cherish, adore, extol, glorify, praise, laud, and love with all our heart, and soul the endearing inner presence of God, who is our most dearest, everything right, divine delight, and spirit sight; O what a joy to discover, behold, and embrace the living God within, the indwelling Spirit of divine love.