The Breadth And Depth Of Divine Love

The breadth and depth of divine love, its ubiquitous spiritual gravity, being of universal, eternal, and infinite sources, orchestrates the soul’s love compass; for the stage of evolution we are currently traversing, reveals stupendous, mounting concepts of the Creator’s love, too deeply heart, and progressively actualize, through loving service, goodwill, and sister-brotherhood, with a love initiative of implicit dynamism, whose deepness intensifies, as we become focal points shaping the unconditional quality, and far-reaching dimensions of numinous love with every sharing, furthermore, concentrating, and personalizing the incalculable measure, inestimable range, and limitless amplitude of pure love.

The unfathomable degree, all-encompassing magnitude, and absolute scope of infinite love is so extensive that it is beyond the finite mind to fully comprehend, yet, as we personify, embody, and exemplify love down to the human-soul-spirit grade we create an unbroken line of the Spirit of Love direct from the Creator’s heart to ours, in turn, allowing for the unimpeded facilitation of existential love to disseminate its circuitous, omnipresent, dynamic free flowing-ness, moreover, with wholehearted deliberateness we develop into living dynamos of spiritual love with every considerate thought, respecting word, enlightened feeling, and altruistic deed.

With inspirational profundity of heart we may openly, joyfully, creatively begin to scale the sweeping expanse, spiritual vastness, complete reach, and thorough penetration of the divine affection, and heavenly warmth of God’s love descent-ascent on personal levels, with one qualification, love’s spirit nature cannot be held exclusively for one’s self, it must be liberally released; the absolute, all-pervasive span of love divine deeply embraces, envelopes, and permeates, without exception, every single person; in sharing the profound attributes of endless love with our Maker, all others, and the celestial family at large, we deepen the capaciousness of the breadth and depth of divine love functioning through us, and the world over.