Divine Love The Heart Of Universal Ethics

The compelling power of God’s love is the spirit reality, and lifeblood of the universal ethics and moral code that rules the universe of universes of all beings; as the Creator’s loving character is infinite love and eternal unity, we can bear revelatory witness, and wholeheartedly experience the absolutely vital basis of the inter-associated relations of all personalities extending from the most perfect to imperfect of beings, for as true love is the supreme relationship, the ultimate goal of human progress is the reverent recognition of the divine parenthood of God, and the loving ethical dawning of the sister-brotherhood of humanity.

Circulating outward and inward from the First Source and Center of the Divine Heart, down stepped through the ministries of the Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love establishes the all-embracing values, and universal moral principles as the inalienable, inviolable right of all relations, eternally, and in divine time, without a shadow of a doubt, the essential ethics of love will govern this very world; therefore as we side, and center with love divine, embracing the unavoidable truth of its impelling reality, we become vital channels of transformation signaling the outgrowth of divine conduct destined to be the ethical fraternal comportment of all people.

As we brave the moral standards of the cosmos, revealing the inspiring loving attitude of the divine family, we learn to wisely submit to a progressive ethical moral sense, and philosophy that informs the dictates of conscience, accelerating the loving cohesion of society, and the global ideals of civilization’s precepts of just, and loving relational deportment, with a value system that truly reflects the Universal Creator’s will-of-love, wherein the virtuous moral choices, and spiritualizing faith of all the world is centered, rooted, and served with divine love, the very heart of universal ethics.