Manifestations Of Divine Love

Manifestations of divine love are absolutely here, supremely there, and infinitely everywhere throughout our beautiful, precious land, always on loving hand, moreover, potentially demonstrative from every child, woman, and man; pure love has bountifully come to fully appear on this blessed earthly sphere, to serve every person of honest-to-God need and care, in untold ways, readily, gracefully, and most lovingly ministering to all souls, lightening one’s cross to bear; the wide-ranging emergence of the Spirit of Love is functionally purposed, in perpetuity, through the loving efforts, and valiant endeavors of all participating personalities willing to freely outspread love’s energy of divinity, heavenly overarching frame, and hallowed spiritual flame.

The unbroken, unremitting, diverse visitations of infinite love’s all-pervasive materializations are here to stay, and stands to be counted in every love embraced individual and collective expression revealing love’s say, and ascending way, in progressive harmonization with living truth, and divine beauty, for goodness sake, spiritual love is affectionately hugging the world awake; the inspiringly contagious epiphanies of true love are the ongoing revelations, personalizations, and externalizations continually emerging from love’s bestowed incarnations, and planetary heart embodiment, for all to happily live, flourish, and relate, to substantiate, and crystalize love’s multitudinous, unified, victorious fate.

There are spiritually illumined minds, and sanctified hearts—of worldwide testimony—expressing wondrous signs for the present and coming times, manifold creative indications, endless instances, and indisputable evidence bearing abundant proof of love’s personal, and epochal revelations, now giving ceaseless exposure, and altruistic exhibition, of the truth of love seemingly hidden in plain sight and, as day follows night, the gentle manifestations of divine love will clearly lead all humanity to actualizations of the universal right, piloting every abiding soul higher and higher—even to the Creator’s paradisiacal height—wherein, forthcoming, all the world shall be flush with eternal love and light.