Divine Love The World’s Pure Cure

Divine love is of indomitable spirit power, unfailing, and boundless good, acting through the conduit of humanity to positively insure the arrant cure of sundry disorders of the human heart, healing the numerous ills of society, and remedying the manifold afflictions of mankind; as true love, ever so pure, becomes a worldwide allure, seeking to find through every individual that alignment of cooperation enabling real love to spread and mature, we assure the future of our planet will inevitably be secure, for this is the Universal Creator’s will-of-love, in which this world will definitely for all ensuing generations heartily come to procure.

Love divine will ensure, through the sheer loveliness, giving-ness, wholesomeness, and charity of every amenable soul, that spiritual love will thrive, and endure, never again to be obscure, eventually curing, saving, and mending the denizen souls of this finite sphere from the impure actions of a self-absorbed populace dis-eased with fear. The Spirit of Love is presently guiding each soul on a life tour of the heart, to that finding of love’s place of presence as the soul’s essence, wherefrom, upon discovering this love treasure, and heavenly pleasure within, there follows the leading of the personality in the enthralling endeavor to sincerely love without measure.

As we each evolve to be a focus of dynamic affection of genuine, intelligent, wise, unselfish, unadulterated love, such will erelong pervade the emotional heart stream of humankind, enlightening the mortal mind, for all time, to the extent that all civilization will be encompassed by a perfect love heralding the realization of the sister-brotherhood of all people, henceforth, and evermore, creating the inner and outer contour of all relations; of this we can be absolutely sure, the Creator’s lure of the ages, embracing everyone through pure love will become the world’s most serviceable, and certain cure.