Divine Love Glorifies The Soul

Divine love glorifies each and every child of God, immortalizing the soul in the order of ascending daughter-sonship, raising one to ever greater levels of spirit attainment; by bestowing each person with personality without duplicate in infinity, illuminating all earthbound souls as an essential part of the celestial family, and exemplifying the unique nature of each ensouled being, the love of God magnificently ennobles the transcendent pricelessness of every mortal soul. The inception and reality of the soul unequivocally reveals the matchless value which the Universal Father, and Eternal Mother of Infinite Spirit has placed upon every one of their finite children.

The very love of the perfect, absolute Creator—enshrined, and outflowing from the citadel of the heart—brings into being the spiritualizing soul; the indwelling Spirit is in creative, collaborative creation with one’s mind, conjointly making oneself, all the more, through the stimulus of pure love, and the ceaseless divine labors of the inner Spirit, ever at work elevating the invariably growing soul to higher levels of exalting heavenly existence, and whose boundless potentials are eternally substantiated by endowment of the Essence of Infinity. Experientially the human soul is created for unending realization of the God of love, and the thrilling service of eternity.

The God loved, cosmically augmenting soul, enlightened by grace, is beautifully magnified, divinely blessed, and continuously transformed by perpetually uplifting spiritual enhancements, consummately distinguishing the soul in the universal light of a love Supreme, in every respect honoring the soul with increasing opportunities, and recognition for its light to soulfully shine for the glory of God, as the Creator likewise so dignifies the soul, declaring it for eternal life, and union with an individualized spirit of Deity, proclaiming the consecrated soul worthy to be gloriously eternalized, as divine love now, and forevermore glorifies the soul.