Divine Love The Heart’s Currency Exchange

From the Creator’s spirit bosom direct to every being of heart there is granted the inexhaustible, and indestructible currency of divine love, modified by each endowed personality from the changeless perfect purity of God’s love, furthermore, conversion stabilizes the constantly changing affections of mortal being-hood, always accounting for the aggregate balances of individual capacity; the unending incoming investments of the Spirit of Love, of necessity, must be circulated in order to accrue, and prosper—the hoarding of love divine stifles, and hinders its nature, and power. Love received, is increased, and achieved as we become givers of true love for the enrichment of all people.

In transmitting, transferring, and spreading the outgoing propensity of divine love, and faithfully disseminating unconditional exchanges of the all-embracing love of God—who reverberates love movements through every heart, divinely distributes endless love for the mutual benefit of one and all, and issues the flourishing passage of dynamic free flowing love without fail; bottomline, henceforth, on this very world, we’re creating an altruistic economy of love, bliss-ciplined by wisdom, and cultivated in generous sharing with the needy, and the greedy alike, thus our cosmic earnings, and heavenly gain, we do sustain, and life-ever-after obtain.

Upon this love fertile earth all inhabitants are living repositories, spiritualizing treasuries of boundless love—whose issuance in the service of sister-brotherhood is attended by amazing discoveries of new and greater love to be bestowed; reinvesting from egoistic scarcity to realities of abundant love, prolifically dispensing, with liberating joy, a love that enriches as it passes through the soul-to-souls, is divine love’s perennial heart’s currency of exchange encompassing the full range of truth, beauty, and goodness for all to attain, and maintain by making every person a viable point of interchange—giving back by paying forward a spiritual love that will eternally reign.