The Ideals Of Divine Love

What the ideals of divine love reveals, when we spiritually feel the exigency to unseal its inspiring appeal, is initially a great energetic zeal—to transcend the natural inertia, and resistance of the self—to spread true love as the paragon, and criterion of the real; with idealistic vision of heart, ever aspiring to the Infinite Creator’s standard of loving perfection, to attain the everlasting crowning deal, of following love’s leading ideal, intrinsic to God realization, our promising destiny is eternally congealed.

The idealizations of divine love’s revelations is conjoined with progressive spiritualization—proposing, continual loving of others—whose experiential heart education upgrades the ideology, philosophy, and morality of the truth, beauty, and goodness the God of love endows the inner-life, compelling one with the inspiring impetus to bestow such love, without reservation, and authorize the Spirit of Love to divinize, for the true nature of love to ideally thrive, and keep the soul alive. Civilization’s future love ideal, will assuredly be fulfilled, destined to all the world heal. The ideality of infinite love is our evolving, growing, becoming reality, and spiritual path to global actuality.

In braving the idyllic path of love divine, we endeavor to share its dynamic beatific glory wholeheartedly, surmounting the grasping self, in upward emulation of the Universal Creator’s irresistible love eternally drawing all souls, in volitional upliftment, through the master key of being an agape love visionary, thus we find effective wherewithal to intelligently implement, in our spiritual ascent, the transformative idealizing powers of perfect love, this endowment of the Spirit, indwelling, gives us heart-light to proceed Godward with guiding spirit-sight to the ever expanding frontiers of the heaven of highest height, from whence the ideals of divine love originally sallied forth, now come, to lead us to the eternal Isle of Life & Light.