Divine Love The Heart And Soul Of Service

Divine love is the heart and soul of righteous, virtuous, and principled service, the Universal Creator gives all that can possibly be shared with untold multitudes of beings; from the absolute, ultimate, and supreme-finite levels of existence, God’s life and light of love serves, and ministers even to the most imperfect of personalities; attaining consciousness, and bearing witness through personal and epochal revelation the acts, laws, and will-of-love of God, we gain spiritual insight into the perfect loving modus operandi of our Maker, setting forth the quintessential example, ideal pattern, and exemplar way of being.

As we burn—or begin to spark—with desire to lovingly, and joyfully serve, ever seeking the welfare of others, heartened, and soulfully moved into a growing altruism of inspired creative acts of thinking, feeling, and doing good—ultimately toward every man, woman, and child—as the highest of motivations prompting all relations, no matter how foreign or close, friend or foe, this is cosmic ethics at work, divine love affecting the core values pervading the hearts, souls, and minds of all God’s children, especially those who have discovered, comprehended, and realized the true spirit vitalizing all life—for the Spirit ever works by love.

From the Universal, Eternal, and Infinite Creators, to the Creator Son and Daughter’s Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit, to our Seraphic angel guardians constantly blending the living truth, beauty, and goodness of these spiritual influences for wise, and loving utility, our spirit’s are quickened with pure love giving us the heart-of-soul to make bold a life of loving ‘seva’-selfless service, too each other, and the whole of the world, hence embodying the true spirit of a perfecting superior civilization, even the sister-brotherhood of mankind, thus demonstrating that divine love is the greatest of all spirit realities, the very heart and soul of service.