The Treasures Of Divine Love

The treasures of divine love are beyond measures, boundless in the joys of spiritual pleasures, sourced from the infinite God of love, whom we’re created in the divine likeness of; made inheritors of untold worth, endowed with personality, an individualized portion of the Creator’s spirit, beginning the ascendent perfecting journey upon this beautiful earth, as God’s sons and daughters of mortal birth, entrusted with the responsibility to inwardly mind the priceless inexhaustible gift of love divine, to share its eternal plentitude—without fear of limits end—with all the world, thus precipitating a much needed spiritualizing lift, making all people alike fraternal kin, resulting in, an epochal planetary shift.

The spiritual wealth of the indwelling Spirit’s love is indeed limitless; in liberating it from one’s precious heart we start to exude heaven’s bliss; the Divine has vested unbounded love in every being, for the freeing, and undying soul health, whose glorious living presence, is our numinous spirit nucleus, the Essence of Infinity, a sacred trust, the heart of the matter, the ensouled Spirit’s ceaseless intimate embracement, and holy kiss; of this, the only risk, is if we continually, consciously resist, to do as true love insist, above all else, to love, by doing good to others, and at no time desist.

This absolutely immeasurable, and immensely pleasurable fortune of pure love is ours for the generous giving, and love-filled living, moreover, it serves as a mighty catalyst to emancipate one’s, and every heart, that we may individually and collectively learn to impart, the countless riches of God’s love, by choosing to release, and thus increase this spiritual gold, setting free the multitudinous potentials of the human fold; each person is given to love for our world to be healed, and subsequently made whole by the unlimited treasures of divine love now outpouring into the global soul.