Torchbearers Of Divine Love

Torchbearers of divine love are spiritedly operating among us, they are in loving, joyous, dedicated service, and ministry near and far, doing phenomenal work on all levels of society—publicly, privately, and many quietly—they are the modern day apostles, disciples, and devotees of the inextinguishable light of heaven, ardently spreading true love throughout the world, braving the islands of lovelessness in our midst with the healing power of love divine; the whole planet is tremendously blessed with these love inspired idealist, and consecrated laborers of the Spirit, practical darers who serve the love fearers with deeds of loving grace; pure love illumines their heart, and radiates from their face.

These courageous love-bearers are compassionate carers, champions of living truth, promoters, and co-creators of divine beauty, wholehearted exponents of spiritual goodness; empathy heeders, altruistic feelers, soul feeders, and dynamic leaders committed to making the Spirit of Love the relational atmosphere of all humanity, pioneers of the ethics of brotherly love, teaching the far-reaching gospel of the Father-Motherhood of God, and the resultant sister-brotherhood of all people, while making it known that the Universal-Eternal-Infinite Creator’s love is the greatest actuality in all the world.

Agape love is calling for more creative torchbearers, enlightened emissaries, wise advocates, inspired messengers, proactive ministers, intelligent crusaders, and progressive evangelist, encouraging all souls to simply go about learning to truly love other people, deliberately, and on purpose, to uphold the spirit flame of eternal love before the hearts of all beings unconditionally, that all may abide, and share, ultimately, in the affectionate warmth of the Creator’s love. May we, with fullness of heart, passionately strive to replicate God’s will-of-love, each person in their own distinctive way becoming torchbearers of divine love—bound to eventually pervade the emotional heart stream of humankind, even now, and forevermore.