Divine Love Is Destined To Transform Civilization

Infinite love is fated to be supremely instrumental, central, essential, and triumphal in the transformation of civilization from a warring mentation, to a worldwide peace creation, embodying a planetary cultural organization of intelligent and wise co-operation, fueled by nonprofit service motivation, begetting an advancing global socialization born of a united sagacious correlation devoid of selfish monetization, productive of understanding fraternization predicated on loving association, thus insuring the wholesale virtuous cultivation, and internationalization of the mastery of intolerance, universal self-respect of citizenry, and sister-brotherhood realization.

Divine love is the inspiration of religious idealization, forwarding the accumulated momentum of the ages, liberating humanity from fear to true love elevation, the source of that energization that now uplifts, and advances world culture to the next level of spiritualization, creating a cultural velocity of moral and ethical obligation guided by transcendent urges of superlative wisdom, science, and a global philosophy of socialization raising the quality of thinking, and quickening the pace of civilization. Torchbearers, and all children of the God of love, are expanding living truth, heavenly beauty, sanctified goodness, and love loyalty, actuating the planetary attainment of brotherhood, yielding a spirit-minded globalized cultural society bringing to fruition the earthly aspirations of human existence.

Love divine is directing the hearts of all people toward the accomplishment of a worldwide multicultural spiritualized society, heartily influencing, and lovingly leading the ever progressing inhabitants of earth to the fulfillment of the highest human and divine goals of mortal endeavor—planetary achievement of the brotherhood of man, and the personal status of God-consciousness, as revealed in the exalted desire of souls to do God’s will-of-love. The appearance of genuine sister-brotherhood—now forthcoming—signifies that a high social structure has arrived in which all people delight in bearing one another’s burdens, consequently, bringing forth divine love’s destined, preordained, everlasting transformation of civilization.