Divine Love, Heartbeat Of The Cosmos

How blissfully sweet to sense, and deeply perceive the thrilling, all-pervading heartbeat of divine love reverberating in one’s soul, throughout earth, the heavens of worlds, and universes, resounding, echoing, and joyously resonating through all beings high and low without exception; the affectionate holy clasp of the Creator’s infinite love personally shares a seemingly magical, unconditional, absolute, infallible, loving characteristic of the divine nature; each and every person is forever intimately known and gloriously loved from the omnipresent heart-to-heart embracement of the Universal Father-Mother through Infinity of Spirit.

The Heart-of-hearts endearing love rhythm of our beloved Creator sets the spiritual relational trend of the cosmic heavenly realms to the loving pulsations of the limitless love of Deity; none can escape the purifying vibrations of a love dominate existence, for this unalterable fact is foundational to the immutable love of God in whom all people, places, and things are eternally contained, maintained, and all life is supremely, ultimately, absolutely framed. The unshakable, unwavering, unchanging flow of the precious love of God permeates, saturates, suffuses the whole of reality, being the heart-throb of all creation, and every true relation.

The Supreme Mother’s loving presence pervades the whole of the grand finite cosmos with the Spirit of Love, from the glory of the Paradise Trinity of love, to the Universe Father, Divine Mother’s love, earthly parents, and every other resulting relationship; there is no outside to the Universal Creator’s love, all are inclusive, no being exists without the love of God animating their heart-life, even unto eternal union is the well-nigh infinite children of God destined. The First Source and Center calibrates the tempo of the heaven of heavens with a unifying love currency, all beings are beckoned to get in heart-step with the harmonizing musical dance of divine love, the heartbeat of the cosmos.


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