The Art Of Divinely Loving

The art of divinely loving essentially start with envisioning, feeling, and intuiting the ongoing revelations of the indwelling Spirit, who ever presents—in/to mind—the divine attitudinal portraiture, and gloriously beautiful ministering artistry of the love of God, who first and foremost bases all relations upon the perfect, perfected, and perfecting family ideal; we are God’s children beginning to intimately experience pure love pouring forth from the divine heart of our First Father, and Eternal Mother of Infinite Spirit; parent-brother-sisterhood is the all-important hearts-on opportunity to emulate the Creator’s will-of-love through the high-arts of self-creation, in advancing the loving kindred fraternity of all people.

Divine love is inherently creative, therefore, we can inventively apply all acts of love by means of the righteous arts of life with increasing skill, technique, and resourcefulness in compassion, kindness, empathy, respect, service, and goodness in thought, philosophy, and daily conduct, while gracefully transforming personal morals, and societal ethics via the mastery of love with greater ingenuity, proficiency, and artfulness. By virtue of inner Spirit co-operation, the artistic formations of our spiritual imagination exercises the heart-soul muscle, accelerating adeptness in the fine-art of loving, knowing, and living the progressive truth, exquisite beauty, and divinely good co-creative actualizations of true love.

We are free to originatively choose the individual, and collective artistry of loving expression in all relations, perceptions, and services toward the planetary community—and the cosmos at large—following the supreme example of our Universe Father, and Divine Mother unceasingly revealing the love of God to humanity, in sublime harmony with the mounting facility of our interior Spirit’s loving presence leading the way in personality synthesis, spiritual integration, and aptly inspiring those ennobling deeds, enlightened language, and creative actions magnificently expressive of the boundless wellspring of infinite love inspiring each and every soul in the art of divinely loving.