Divine Love The Global Heart-Light

Divine love is the heart-light of the world animating every soul with the eternal love life of our intimately present Creator; Mother Earth is sun-kissed with the glistening beauty of infinite love, birthing every being’s heart into the everlasting morning of a love filled existence of Godlike living, divinely hearted with the pristine effulgence, and expansive wavelength of love’s goodwill; the heart of humanity is divinely lit forever with a glowing love-light unveiling a resplendent, scintillating glimpse of the Paradise Father-Mother-Spirit, whose perfect love eternally reigns from the absolute purity of heart of our Deity parents.

Presently, the spiritually lighted hearts of earth ardently gleam their ineradicable heavenly love, direct from the Creator’s heart above and the inner Spirit below, conjointly activated by the power of the Spirit of Truth, and Holy Spirit, to vividly see and experientially know a world increasingly illumined with an enlightened love dawning before our faith filled eyes; we now bear witness that in opening the heart releasing its endowed love, it bursts forth as a living truth upon the planetary stage of action changing everything in relational sight, ultimately making all societal morals and ethics aright as the world is diffused with the Spirit’s inspiring light of spiritual peace and true love.

As all souls let their heart and mind emit the light of God’s love, we will, with singleness of purpose, and universal fraternity of spirit, most lovingly manifest, a progressive civilization, founded in a spiritualizing love culture, until this very world is settled in light, life, and love divine for all time; today as we wisely apply our love-sight, and gentle love-might to sister-brotherhood, we’re each contributory, and duly transformed by raising the love vibration of this world to its highest height, and establishing this sweeping phenomenon of divine love as a global heart-light.