The Matchless Patience Of Divine Love

The matchless patience of divine love reveals the glorious splendor, infinitely beautiful heart, and absolutely pure character of our beloved Universal Father and Eternal Mother of Infinite Spirit, whose merciful application of perfect love saturates the universe of universes, all worlds, and every being; even in our gross mortal imperfection, and unloving tendencies we are divinely gifted with an Essence of Infinity as an eternal birthright, ever leading us upward and inward to divine attainment, and unqualified oneness of personality synthesis with the essence of God, who intimately, and lovingly shares, throughout all our moral and ethical shortcomings, in every trial and triumph.

We are so exceedingly blessed to be receivers of the supreme forbearance of our loving Creators, who provides every opportunity to fully embody the heart of the Divine in total inner union, to consummate God’s promise and plan, to be forever joined in mutuality of expression by way of our complete embracement of divinity quality; how great is the perfect patience of our Deity parents to in due course deliver every mortal child to the grandeur of the heights of eternal achievement—attainment of divinity, and glorification of personality perfection as fully matured souls.

That final fusion, and the age upon ages, of the long, long journey required for the perfection of divine attunement, and purpose, in alliance with the indwelling Spirit’s loving presence, and everlasting achievement of self-identification, fulfilling the will of God by eternal union, truly reveals a divine love of infinite proportions, transcendently forbearing, and magnificently companioning us through every struggle in making that irrevocable choice, and sometime ultimate obtainment of the very portals of Paradise, and the attainment of the glorious Person of God, reveals the matchless patience of divine love marvelously at work to effect the eternal transformation of every soul, currently, and for forevermore.