Divine Love Tunes The Mind

Divine love co-creatively tunes the mind, adjusting, and spiritualizing the thought, in similitude of the Creator’s kind, bringing it in loving line with one’s true heart, and the ubiquitous, harmonious flow of a love Supreme for all time, for this we have been evolutionarily designed, ascending sons and daughters of God, in whom we will forever bind, even in pursuit of our Paradise climb. Within our mental shrine the indwelling Spirit’s presence creates a holy, peaceful, and lovely clime, wherein we may readily choose allegiance to the Universal Father’s heavenly paradigm.

As our superconscious thinking becomes more numinously, and lovingly aligned with Spirit Mind, we will act in accord with a purer love that is progressively divined, and wisely combined into every facet of our spiritually maturing prime; in constantly, and mindfully tuning the personality to the Creator’s love we will auspiciously find a higher order of loving relations, and joyous service ever becoming more crystalline, a sure sign the hour of spiritual power has come providing deliverance from those unloving influences that have conspired to keep one mentally, and spiritually blind.

From the upper spirit echelons of the Infinite, Cosmic, and Universe Mind we are lovingly, and harmonically entwined, with, and through a bestowed personal mental medium, our ordained arena of choice, and access to spiritual, intellectual, and physical realities of the Divine, wherein to mindally attune, and in service refine, the Creator’s omni-love in which we are forever enshrined; we are destined to perfectly resonate in concert with the Spirit of Love, synchronizing our mental-heart rhythms with all people, forthwith to lovingly opine, that as divine love tunes every accepting mind, we rejoicingly offer up our heart and soul, that ‘thine will be done,’ knowing that with the God of love all is, and will be, eternally sublime, and infinitely super-fine!