Divine Love Illuminates The Soul

Divine love illuminates the soul, affectionately moving it to radiantly act full of heart, and be compassionately bold, in the Creator’s universal, all-inclusive, love fold, wherein each and every personality is required and inspired to purely love whole, a prerequisite to attain the eternal image, in the perfect making, of the Creator’s spirit mold, the all-pervading Source code, wherewith the Spirit of Love takes loving hold; moreover, divine revelation, ongoing, has magnificently told, that we may consciously, vibrantly ensoul, and lucidly behold, the calling, to truthfully, soulfully, feel and see, how beautiful, lovely, and spiritually illumined we are created to be.

Infinite love opens the soul eyes infusing one with powers to apprise, realize, and visualize the living truth, and enlightening proof of how luminescent of heart, and spirit-lit we be, by the Creator’s loving divinity, beyond every facet of inherited lowly finity; hence, our out-glow, and love-flow bears the Spirit’s sign, revealing through dynamic love the path to becoming more spiritually aligned; our luminous, budding, and forming soul symmetry gleams godly content, and heaven sent methods of loving ministry, for the human heart to get a jump-start, in God’s eternal service industry, ever making way for the soul’s light to bear its loving mark.

Illuminating souls, this very moment, shines Spirit’s love to all the earth, allowing each person to be perceived with divine sight, in their true eternal worth. Recognized for who we really are—the children of God by far—we ceaselessly grow, spiritually, and intellectually unfold, in soul step into our true form and cosmic role, in the actualizing superuniverse body of Mother Supreme, in which the indwelling Spirit’s love luminosity hearts the way for all to convene, and collectively team, wherefrom, the global realization of the unspeakable glory of the love of God, now, and forevermore will be brightly seen.