Divine Love The Master Cure

Divine love is the master cure, for any and all things we may have to mortally, mentally, and spiritually endure; the Creator’s infinite love attribute and source being the absolute of pure, gives the means, through the endowment of the Spirit of Love, to unequivocally ensure—whatever our malady of body, mind, and soul—in liaison with God, complete healing, which we will most assuredly secure, in time and eternity, with, from, too Spirit, in, and through whom, progressive character advancement, and personality expansion we shall decidedly mature.

Divine love provides, without exception, continual purification through spiritualization, a transformative curing, eternally enduring, from all matter of erroneous concepts, conditions, and challenges negatively alluring; spiritually treating oneself with agape love’s extraordinary heart revealing, and transcendent feeling of positive expectancy, is antidotal for indelibly clearing, and effectively steering the soul away from all things non-healing; moreover, we’re empowered to procure, through righteous, adjusting thought, and deed everything necessary to be affliction freed; and thus, eternally insure, we will be utterly remedied from contaminating evils tempting to keep us morally, and ethically impure.

The ministry of divine love serves a triumphant, lasting curative, if not in this life then the next, for in our very heart and mind, Spirit lives, who ever acts with the goodness of love divine, always rendering the supreme solution, to any form of self-intoxicating pollution; presently, in collaboration with our every decision, the indwelling Spirit of love is mastering the mind, and cooperatively growing the soul, with the inevitable eventuality, to be forever spiritualized, and perfected, as permanently wholesome sons and daughters of the God of love; the master cure of divine love is ever shaping our ascending, perfecting contour, all the way to that timeless paradisiacal door, entry, and induction of eternal service in the Universal Creator’s finaliter corps.