Divine Love Is The Heart’s Essential Protector

Divine love is the heart’s essential protector, preserving all spiritual values, immanently enshrouding, and safeguarding the soul from all temporal dangers; all beings are securely contained in the everywhere presence of loving mercy and grace, safely upheld in the infinite heart and eternal body of God; the indwelling Spirit’s care-taking inspiration insulates, hedges, and defends the being with spiritual power upon the ever scaling, progressive journey of mortality-to-immortality, to its ultimate indestructible, finalizing, and perfected purpose in attainment of the Universal Creator’s Divine Spirit Person—whom’s absolute, and everlasting life insurance, we’re lovingly bonded.

With abiding, and steadfast faith we decisively assist the survival of the soul through thick and thin, to every end, and new beginning, against any, and all agencies—including ourselves—that may be threatening to the vital self; provided, are we, safe harbor throughout life, and the numerous stations of heavenly ascension to higher dimensions forthcoming; let us take great comfort in knowing we live in the Infinite, who lives in us, forever sustaining all beings through the total embrace of the Supreme; thus, no existential harm can come to the children of God, this we can be absolutely sure, to our very core, for the Creator is our eternal keeper—need I say more.

There’s nothing to fear, for we are always under constant, vigilant, all-seeing, omnipotent watch-care; although the body may crash and burn, the heart, in God’s good universe—we shall certainly learn, and increasingly discern—is inseparably with the Creator, who is ever near, even within, conserving the personality in unity with our precious angelic guardians, who is divinely charged with the custodianship, spiritual shielding, and safekeeping of the soul for eventual transit to celestial regions of continual spiritual ascendancy; blessed forevermore, our securement in the omnipresent embracement of God’s love—the heart’s essential protection.