Divine Love Shows The Way

Divine love shows the way, here and now, this very day, to a greater, higher life without mortal strife; let us rejoice, that we are making the choice, to follow love wherever she may lead, to be forever freed, from any self-inflicted greed of lovelessness, consequently, in honoring love’s behest, we’re empowered to confidently embrace, and proclaim her quest, to most assuredly manifest our hearts spiritualizing best, for such is the will of the Divine indwelling our mind, and loving us all the time, while making known, with the beauty of Spirit’s tone, the way now shown through every unknown, all the way to the Creator’s Paradise home.

Divine love paves the mounting road of loving action, revealing that every heart step we take picks up cosmic traction, contributing to the Supreme’s unifying reaction, in our perfecting through each loving interaction; as love divine generates Spirit’s leading, revealing a transformative soul seeding, in staying the spiritual course, we will discover the means and manner, to declare, demonstrate, and establish the victory of love banner, henceforth, without delay, we will lovingly portray, in every experiential interplay, the confirmation of divine Spirit’s gentle love making it plain, as we hear her say, “This is the way”.

The Creator’s love is the living path operating always in our behalf, that proves the spiritual grooves for us to emulate in all our ascending moves; as we follow through and through, the Person of God comes into illuminating view, making visible what is eternally true; beyond a doubt we’re lovingly companioned into the unfolding new, and in remaining loyal to the indwelling Spirit’s compassionate teaching informing our love reaching, we will ever find cosmic direction, conducting our love approach, certifying our journey to God, as divine love shows the way to that glorious day!