The Great Circuit Of Divine Love

The great circuit of divine love is from the Universal Father, eternally circulating through sons and daughters, and ever pervading throughout the experiential, totaling essence of the nurturing love of the Universal Mother; the love of the Paradise Father appears in the mortal personality by the ministry of the indwelling Spirit presence of the Creator, and is sustained, cultivated, and grows by the all encompassing empirical presence of the Supreme Mother who provides, and is, the very womb of creation in which we live, love, and have our being.

As we become God-knowing-loving, we will increasingly reveal this encircling, ever moving, thrilling, and dynamic spiritual love to a universe of universes of sisters and brothers—the familyhood of God, moreover, this exhilarating, fraternally shared affection is of, and reflects the quintessential love of the Supreme Being, our Divine Mother, who is within and without all things and beings, whose divine parenthood is the cosmic oversoul, fostering, and embracing the entirety of all love exchanged, for the grand universe evolutionary channel of love is encircuited in the very nature of our beloved Mother Supreme.

Our Universal Mother Supreme, is the Grand Heart through which the love of the Universal Father flows outward to all creation, ever inspiring us inward in quest of the God of love, and the final attainment of our First Father and Supreme Mother of personalities, and universes; we are literally the evolutionary-ascending sons and daughters of God the Father and God the Mother, such is our divine heritage, and Deity kinship; may we be fearless, and loving of heart in the faith realization that our Creator Father always walks beside, and within us upon the living way of the ubiquitous presence of the Supreme Mother, who is now evolving the eventual completion of the great arc of the circuit of divine love.