The Individualization Of Divine Love

The individualization of divine love reveals the utter fact that the Creator’s bestowed Spirit shares, and enjoys the closest sublime inner contact, so highly personalized, and intimately touching; living love is perfectly integrated in the personal attitude of all the acts of God, exclusively glorifying, and illuminating every soul as a member—sons and daughters—of the celestial family, while sharply, and strikingly portraying the unique nature, and transcendent value the Creator has placed upon all beings.

God so loves each individual as to bring into being the divine family of all individuals—the universal sister-brotherhood. The greatest manifestation of the Infinite’s love is the gifted portion of the Divine’s Spirit, bestowed, and functioning directly in the heart—who ever works by love, and so effectively individualizes the love of God, which forever becomes more real as this very love passes through the personality to others. The Creator’s love operates straightaway in the heart independently of the actions or reactions of all other people, for God’s love is super-personal, meeting us as, and where we are, spawning, nurturing, encouraging, and kindling, union with eternal love, wherein we are forever embraced.

The experience of true loving is very much a direct response of being so deeply loved by our Creator, whose love forever follows, and seeks the well-being of every single person, that we may partake in the full, and undiminished impact of the I AM’s love, whose divine Spirit literally lives in us as a fragment of the Essence of Infinity. The Eternal’s love absolutely individualizes each personality as a distinctive child of the Universal Creator, moreover, our reciprocation of God’s love gives full satisfaction to the loving nature of the First Person of Deity, hence, the more we approach the Beloved through love the greater the reality-actuality we become, thereby, increasingly loving our Maker we’re immortalized in actuality—eternal reality.