The Dawning Era Of Divine Love

The dawning era of divine love is here, inviting us to wholly receive, mindfully perceive, joyfully believe, and sincerely interweave the Spirit of Love in our hearts; all people are at once sanctioned to be hearty contributors, to globally achieve making true love visibly real, helping to reveal, and collectively seal, a love ideal for all times; it is predestined for everyone to be eternally fulfilled in the greatest thing known in the universe—the love of God; the way of divine love is fated to be universally related, as we each bond, blend, and begin to actively send, without end, love divine for this new epoch we’re now entering in.

Divine love now comes to all hearts, calling on every soul, to take up its role, in circulating spiritual love to mightily unfold, as a planetary whole, for in the fullness of time—even to the coming ages of Light and Life—everyone is divinely fitted to be accelerators of those love transformations productive of an increasingly enlightened world progressively growing in truth, beauty, and goodness; with each generation discovering anew, the creative adaptations for infinite love to be effectively carried through, and ever remain refreshingly true, for the morning glory of a love supreme to completely accrue.

Divine love needs each of us to proclaim, the coming fame, of the eternal reign, of heavenly love; right now, within our very heart, perfect love is in sacred service, poised to be loved, and unfurled into the world; the love of God informs, directs, and leads our soul-vision, and personality mission to engage, and unite as active lovers for the triumphant, imperishable consolidation of Godly love into the very fabric of humankind—now arising  throughout the earth by means of each and every mind, wholeheartedly inclined, to embrace the dawning era of divine love’s emerging design.