The Inspiration Of Divine Love

The inspiration of divine love is the heart’s respiration, bestowing vital generation, and energization of spiritual love for the growing soul, whose spiritualization results in loving without deviation, and that thrilling transformation of perfecting relation, that becomes our inspiring aspiration, and supreme motivation, to be in constant loving communication with the Beloved—God’s love is the breath of life, the guiding light to our greatest creation, application, and concentration to love with increasing imagination, determination, and implementation.

The spiritual activation, holy vibration, and creative stimulation of infinite love pulsates the heart with divine afflatus for goodwill, rousing the mind and soul to that eureka experience, and awe-inspiring awareness, that we are absolutely loved by God; this heartfelt revelation, is a love initiation, productive of preparation, and orientation for our ascending universe education; true love inspires divine guidance into the heart’s integration, and circulation, for exploration, formulation, and cooperation to be Godlike in loving our fellow man, certainly providing a powerful invitation, and incentive ever spurring us onward to accept, and seal, with consecration of declaration, our complete identification with the indwelling Spirit of Love.

The inspirational presence of divine love gives us direct access to spiritual intuition, and a glorious visualization of God’s endearing affection, with uplifting detection, and increasing clarification; with supernal loving devotion we are Spirit minded by our Creator, whose Spirit manifestation—with limitless ingenuity—shares pure love innovation in our heart and mind; we are gifted with an ageless love muse, ever encouraging us to embrace with hearty, and courageous intention, those electrifying universal influences acting as divine catalyst, inspiriting, and dynamically boosting our God Heartedness; with galvanizing veneration, we extol the Universal Creator’s love—in everlasting thankfulness—as source of that sublimity of divine love so inspirationally in operation in, and through us, now, and for eternity!