The Unconditionality Of Divine Love

Our Universal-Eternal-Infinite Creator unconditionally, with pure love—spiritually beautiful, divinely good, and wholly true—absolutely, and without fail or exception, gloriously loves, to the highest fulfillment, all beings; divine love, forever unreserved in its cherishing, tenderhearted devotion, is unstintingly poured, with boundless generosity of spirit, upon, and within every heart and soul without qualification; the nature of true love is of, and from God, whose love is only limited, and conditioned by the individual’s capacity to receive, and willingness to give of the divine affection.

Countless Sons and Daughters of God are sent forth from the eternal Isle of Light and Life on the exalted mission of spreading the Creator’s love to the utter ends of the universe of universes, they go out enthusiastically from the First Great Source and Center of Love, from the Infinite Heart of our Universal Father, and Eternal Mother, infallibly dedicated, and irrefutably devoted, to joyfully share, serve, and personalize the consummate love, matchless affection, and undivided gospel of God’s saving grace, and plenary love for all personalities, independent of universe status, and undoubtedly loving all beings equally without precondition—we need not feel in any way, shape, or form unworthy of God’s love.

We are wholeheartedly, undeniably, thoroughly, categorically, forever embraced, and divinely loved outright, beyond question, straight from the perfect, unqualified, unlimited, unshakable heart of our beloved Creator; aligned with Supreme wisdom, this Spirit of Love, presently, ever comes to each of us undiluted, unadulterated, unmitigated, freely bestowed without question upon all souls; we are engulfed in the veritable, immeasurable embracement, and revelation of God’s infinite love, who so completely, and totally, with unequivocal supremacy, and ultimacy loves every soul with unrestricted repleteness. Divine Love Is—forever unconditional, and mightily inspirational, fuses with, and follows us throughout the endless circle of the eternal ages!