The Inseparable Companionship Of Divine Love

The inseparable companionship of divine love, must be, for it cannot be separated out from our Universal Creator who encircles eternity, and upholds all beings in the infinity of pure love; God is forever with(in) every soul, invariably enlarging the capacity, and inspiration to genuinely love, and be loved, while exquisitely revealing each and every personality—and all ensuing relationships—as having the greatest imperishable spiritual value, ad infinitum; true love is indivisible, and indissoluble, for God is unity as well as love, and infinitely more—the indwelling Spirit’s perennial complement of loving oneness is forever our numinous core.

Within the Infinite Mind, and Eternal Heart of God all personalities are enwrapped, and impregnated by the perfect love actions, and reactions of the God of love, whose Spirit closeness, divine intimacy, and spiritualizing affinity, is the indispensable, indestructible, essential bond of all Creator-creature relations, hence, the insuperable foundation of lasting friendship, trustworthy fellowship, and bona fide sister-brotherhood. The embryonic soul is hatched, as it is warmed in the abiding presence of God’s love—by necessity we depend on love divine for spiritual nourishment and enduring life.

Without love life is unthinkable, for all exist within God whose Spirit of Love lives in each of us, therefore, in depriving love—by choosing not to share it—there is the risk, one may increasingly desist from reality. Our beloved Creator—who never abandons any soul—intimately demonstrates, and heartily motivates a kindred love to be shared by all, thus, it behooves us, to be like the Divine in order to live life in truth, to the fullest, faithfully loving our Maker, and one another. Lovelessness has little survival value—to accept, and likewise be a devotee of love, is to welcome, and espouse the inseparable companionship of divine love, the ticket, and passport to eternal kinship with God.