Divine Love Brings Heaven To The Heart

Divine love brings heaven to every heart, being an innate part of the Spirit of God residing in our higher mind, therein, collaboratively giving birth to the soul, and with an ever sustaining love, charts the leading of the consenting personality to the Eternal Heaven-of-heavens, to be finalized in perfect fulfillment in the Infinite Heart-of-hearts; a bestowed Spirit portion of the absoluteness, and pure energy of the Universal Creator gloriously lives, divinely works, and spiritually radiates a heavenly, light-filled atmosphere within the heart-space, that we may see, and wisely choose the ascending way, know the living truth, beautifully exemplify the divinely good, and have unending abundant life.

A Spirit fragment of the living God is heaven-sent, to live, and presently exist in the bastion of one’s self as Spirit nucleus, making for a holy haven, within the inner sanctum of the heart, hence, we are magnificently, and spiritually arrayed in the full embodiment of the true love of the Divine, sublimely conferring the kingdom of God within us, as the very reality of our endowed spiritual inheritance, wherefrom, we are lovingly, perfectly, gracefully, and heartily led to our Divine Parents Paradise home, to be eternally embraced in the replete all-loving recognition of our beloved Creator’s Infinite Person.

May we enter fully into the heavenly Presence, and empyrean essence of the indwelling Spirit abiding in our heart, and from therein, lovingly leading the consecrated being into that divine estate from which all children of God shall forever supremely relate; may we worshipfully welcome our love dominated Creator to the hallowed abode of the soul, and prayerfully, thankfully, actively share in the sacred ambiance of the Spirit, spiritualizing our interior environment with an increasing air of God consciousness, and strikingly causing the faithful to become aglow with the auric field of infinite love.