The Quintessential Liberator – Divine Love

Divine love is the quintessential liberator of the true person from the grasping, egocentric self depleting the vital health of one’s being-hood; the power of love sets free the soul from the constraints of limiting beliefs, self-centered, and blinding preoccupations, breathing new life into the entirety of the being, and infusing the personality with spiritual freedom, by freeing the heart to fearlessly love, thus, progressively releasing one’s consciousness from the hindrances of over identification with corporeal, temporal, mundane life, furthermore, ultimately delivering, and redeeming the whole person, for eternal salvation.

Divine love forever emancipates the heart from stifling over attachment to demanding mind-body influences diverting the attention from the higher, hence, distracting one from being a sower, and grower of a divine selfhood; look heart-ward, even now, to be completely transformed by the liberating actions of pure love, painstakingly, and unstintingly releasing one from imprisoning aspects of a clamoring, encumbering self, and victoriously saving the aspiring soul for an eternal life of infinite love, presently, unleashing the mind from every material binding, while transporting the personality into the utterly freeing experience of loving others without reservation, or the shadow of a doubt.

Divine love unfetters the soul from the yoke, and illusions of seeming earthly orphanhood, delivering every life into the full realization of being a son, or daughter of God; gifted with the eternal liberty of the indwelling Spirit of God’s presence, and the glorious opportunity for an everlasting existence of perfecting service, the mortal self is liberated into the universal freedom of being, and becoming spiritually attuned lovers, created in the likeness of our beloved Creator of perfect love; wherever we may find ourselves on the ascending ladder of creation, divine love is our quintessential liberator, a most powerful intimate, forever setting loose all souls to freely love as God loves.