The Numinous Light Of Divine Love

The numinous light of divine love brings into spiritual sight, a present, and future heavenly life so bright, that it forever dispels the dark night, of lovelessness; this holy love presence warmly gleams into our soul essence, and within the heart does gently alight, wherein, we are granted spirit-vision, and sanctified confirmation of the luminescent celestial free-way of ascendant flight, unveiling endless God realization, in whom we are destined to perfectly unite, and forever live—at the behest of our Universal Creator’s lovely will—nobly, magnificently, gloriously, and lovingly upright.

Divine love, in all its blessed glory, universally comes to all people with inviting, and welcoming Spirit luminosity, tenderly revealing, exalting, and personalizing the majestic nature, matchless affection, and intimate nearness of God’s loving reality; a supernal dawning, eternal sunrise reaches our soul eyes, inspiring us to in truth awake, and come alive with spiritual enlightenment, for God’s sake; boundlessly pure love is truly heaven sent, and if we therein abide, in due course, through our every pore—and whole being even more—spiritual love will positively, dynamically, gracefully, bountifully vent, as we spiritually augment, and faithfully commence our universe cosmic ascent.

Spiritual brilliance, divine radiance, and paradisal luminance, accompanies love divine wherever it is shined, and thus through unceasing auto-revelation, and a progressive higher-consciousness, we will undoubtedly find, and wholly align with the Infinite Mind omnipresently spreading agape love at all times; moreover, our indwelling Spirit is most lovingly, tirelessly at work, effulgently, and profoundly spiritualizing our always growing, increasingly glowing, evolving mortal prime, creating a new, ever spiritizing paradigm, so sacredly sublime, that we can with mounting precision, and advancing faith, envision the epochal Paradise climb, originating from the very heart of the Divine—for God’s numinous love-light is to be, in every soul forever entwined, and eternally enshrined.