Divine Love The Supreme Healer

Divine love is the supreme healer, regenerative, and revivifying revealer—never alone, the loving watch-care of our beloved Creator is always near, the God of love actually indwells our heart and mind at all times, enabling us to bear—with love and spiritual wisdom—the burdens of all we may fear, for through pure love, so dear, such challenges, we are empowered to forever clear, hence, in truth, on this good earth of our birth, begins our love partnered, restorative, resurrecting, ascending career; love divine, ever curative, inspires us to brave its higher salubrious sphere, to heal, cure from all imperfections, and be fitted for the universal-cosmic-love frontier.

Healed free, are we, to embrace what Spirit’s love is guiding, and raising us to be; through love, with Spirit eyes we see, we’re children of an indestructible omni-love reality; even our guardian angel protector, love reflector, path selector, and spiritual director, ministers love as the ultimate connector; as we wholeheartedly drink, and replenish ourselves, and others with love’s pristine, regenerative life nectar, we become, in liaison, God’s spiritual love injector in this world—healed to rebuild this planet anew as erectors of love’s architecture.

Divine love is forever healing, and eternally revealing; aligning with the God of love, with intuitive spiritual feeling, we are ever-now sealing—in the Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Spirit—that through true love we are absolutely freed, and will victoriously proceed, to indeed, take soulfully heed, and heartfully seed, that in Godly love we are renewed, and transformed into an unique spiritual breed, for in divine love, the supreme healer, all spiritual maladies are remedied; consequently, we’re divinely keyed, to all we now, and forevermore may essentially need, to eternally succeed, in the master plan of our perfection, that Mother-Father-God has so lovingly decreed!