Divine Love The Universal Common-Wealth

Divine love, the universal common-wealth, knits the body of creation, and all Creator relations into a harmonious oneness of optimal, familial, spiritual health, the very life-blood of cosmic citizenship, and eternal belonging. God as love-unity, requires everyone exist in an ideal commonality of shared value, and loving fraternity, in ever growing sister-brother-familyhood, and whose divine attitude, and perfect handling of all beings is exquisitely adapted in love; for all social units on every level of existence, and personality order, by divine decree, finds mastery of the love-key intrinsic to eternal membership in God’s infinite reality.

Divine love belongs to everyone, this is God’s loving will being done, not to hoard, or put away for another day, but to give, and give exemplifying the Creator’s way, whose universal endowment makes all people inheritors of the unlimited fortunes of spiritual love. Pure love is that inexhaustible Spirit actuality, available at all times, to every person in profusion, and not the confusion of scarcity, and lack, for it is a fact that the plentitudes of true love is lavishly bestowed upon every soul, it is the heart’s gold, however, agape love must be readily shared in order for it to truly, and effectively unfold.

We are wealthy in love, in unbroken synergistic, synchronization from above, moreover, being healthy in love, necessitates sharing love, to produce a proliferation of love, profiting each other, and the whole far-reaching spiritual commons, inclusive of all personalities. That holy, heavenly love-state from which all beings are enjoined to relate, is the ever progressive, mounting basis of a real love-life governing our heart-politic, as the Spirit of Love indwells, and compels every child of God to freely give of their love bounty, to generate, and multiply the limitless gifts of divine love as a constant give-away, this our universal common-wealth must needs richly portray, forever and a day.