Divine Love Nourishes The Heart

Divine love nourishes the heart, and from the very start, the indwelling Spirit’s inner ministry, through pure love, grants us heavenly sustenance, in being our immortalizing love counterpart; may we be mentally, and spiritually smart, by decidedly, and wisely permitting true love to chart, the ascending course to our Paradise mark; eternally sustained, we’re destined to attain the Universal-Eternal-Infinite Creator’s paradisiacal domain, to be ordained for eternal service, in God’s infinite terrain, which by way of love, we may assuredly obtain, for such has been universally campaigned, and divinely arranged.

Divine love, in truth, is divinely delicious, spiritually nutritious, vitally, and essentially the core ingredient of the heart, in and through which our abiding Spirit’s love unfailingly raises each one from the materially dark, and embarks the soul on the progressive, spiritualizing journey towards its eternal goal of becoming perfectly whole; ever steered by the Spirit of Love’s overmastering control, thereby, in jubilance and gratitude may we extol, and cherish our wonder-filling Creator’s everywhere present benevolent role—divinely feeding, and nourishing the growth, and maturation of each and every soul, into, and up through the celestial family fold.

The Divine Heart, within its eternal bosom, embraces every being, and affectionately imparts, the living arts of creative love; there is an endless supply of pure love manna outpouring from the heart of the Universal Creator’s Three-Fold-Light, endowing all God’s children with spirit-sight, to experience to the fullest delight, the living water, and bread of life; it is our Creator’s love feed that leads the way to that absolute, cosmically towering, utopian height. In choosing to take spirit-flight from the spiritual lowlands of the finite, and lovingly unite, with our nurturing Spirit’s transcendent alimental invite, divine love becomes increasingly spiritually nutritive, forever satisfying our insatiable spiritual appetite.