We Are Living Instruments Of Divine Love

We are living instruments of divine love, spiritually embodied, and divinely minded with the pure love Spirit of our beloved Creator, who is, with supreme affection, playing upon the heartstrings of our souls, that all may share in the glories of love; true love is creatively dynamic, requiring liberal movement through the self—loving motions of unselfish giving, kindhearted relationship, conscious connectivity, and generous bestowal—an unimpeded, wisely channeled love-flow-state—in order to genuinely thrive, for such is the nature of the Universal-Eternal-Infinite God’s everywhere present love; we bear the agency of the Spirit of Love by intently, freely, joyfully allowing it to pour forth from our hearts’.

We are omni-love’s personalizing medium, forever endowed with the capability, and responsibility to be wholehearted givers of its abounding wonders; our spiritualizing, and unifying personality provide the living mechanism for love to flourish, and prosper in all relations, as we give love the right of way to implement its loving designs from person-to-person—love’s infinite beauty always amounts to more than the sum of its parts, moreover, our very being-hood is the creative channel for the truth of love divine to proliferate, even in mounting collaboration, the whole of humanity becomes the organ of outreach for love to bless the world individually, and collectively.

We are eternal love’s mortal vessels, vehicles, finite counterparts, and inseparable soul-spirit companions, physically up-stepping, mindfully reaching, and spiritually embracing the means of expression for agape love to take root personally, exponentially grow, expand, and blossom worldwide; in becoming sincere, loyal, trustworthy conduits, and loving agents in following the divine example of the Universal One, the Absolute Giver of love—whose Presence of Spirit divinely loves through all consenting beings, enlarging, and perpetuating its loving magnitude—we similarly learn to be unconditional living instruments of divine love.