The Truth Of Divine Love

The truth of divine love envelopes, permeates, and embraces everyone in the world with abundant proof; the verity of the Spirit of Love makes increasingly touchable our personal and collective worth—from the miracle of birth, until we leave this earth, we can deeply sense, that heavenly love fragrance, infusing our cognizance; looking with the eye of the Spirit, and feeling with the heart of the soul, bear witness with intimate assurance, and endearing validity, infinite love is our substantial reality—an indisputable factuality; and with spiritual certainty, discover without a shadow of a doubt, the truthfulness of living love, is what we’re all about.

Observe the actuality of divine love with faith vision, and with insightful decision, let it joyfully go that it may effectively flow, with outreaching precision; from our Spirit core, to the discerning fore, love will prove its groove, becoming apparent more, and more; true love has a liberating, warming touch that we can feel as much, thus, its trueness emanates from the realest inner-self—the very wellspring of our inherent love wealth. We are supercharged with pure love, and made as one, through the love of God’s will being done. Truth be told, as our higher consciousness will behold, we are an intrinsic part of love’s infinite, and everlasting fold.

Divine love is an eternal verity, realizable with augmenting clarity; our Heart-to-heart reception of God’s loving affection, is evidence, we are divinely enclasped in an omni-love of perfection, for the gospel truth of divine love is the universal fact of the Father-Motherhood of God, and the sister-brotherhood of all beings, authenticating the preciousness of our existence as the Creator’s own, who is ever leading us to our Paradise home, moreover, all things being said, if we allow ourselves to be lovingly led, divine love’s truth accrues as it is spread.