The New And Living Way Of Divine Love

The new and living way of divine love presently reveals its high origin—the First Eternal Source and Infinite Love Center—as it universally descends from the very heart of the God of love, inspiring, and requiring each soul to love one another in affinity with our beloved Creator, who is the Supreme model, pattern, and example for all personal relations from the lowest to the highest, hence the all-encompassing person-to-person love currency for all ethical, moral, social, intimate, and spiritual relationships; this divine mode of loving reciprocation is the enlightened ever-now path into the true fraternity of cosmic citizenship.

This all-abiding infinite love is refreshed anew every generation, even uniquely in and through each individual, it is perfectly aligned, and concomitant with living truth, divine beauty, and spiritual goodness as the ordained, progressive, ascending pathway to, and in relation with the Divine, and all relations in between; the Universal Creator has established, and is evolving throughout the universe of universes, a love based spiritual culture for all beings to willingly adhere to as the divine way of being, and acting in harmony with God’s will—the very essence, cornerstone, root, and heartbeat of life.

The Spirit’s livingness of love divine is a giving love that no one is without; always seeking bestowal upon others, it is divine love’s necessity to be freely given away, moreover, at all times creatively renewing the designated course of journey productive of an unbroken, growing path of love—no matter the circumstances, now, and forevermore; if we abide, on the side of true love we will be going with the flow of the universal grain, our eternal living frame, and if this spiritualizing love gain is done by loving the Godlike same, we will be empowered to proclaim a new and living way of divine love that shall have everlasting reign.