The Spiritual Presence Of Divine Love

The spiritual presence of divine love is such because God is spirit, and love, having come to our hearts as an individuation of the Universal, Infinite, Absolute, Eternal nature, dwelling within, and lovingly divining the mind for the course of earthly time—becoming our everlasting Spirit essence in process of soul-fusion during the ascendant climb—whose initial mindal appearance births the soul into the cradling heavenly arms of our Creator’s nurturing love—what glorious company we keep, even while asleep God’s transforming affection is ever growing deep, enabling us to forever reap, a love unified personality for all eternity.

As we are spiritually embraced by pure love, co-operatively, and progressively spiritualizing in and with our inner Spirit, we come to realize that the unseen abiding attendance of the indwelling God fragment—whose love is its constituent feature, and essential makeup—must actualize through our persons, wherefrom, it tangibly becomes more vividly alive, undoubtedly perceptible, experientially wise, and will spiritually thrive as we accordingly love others—in concert with the Spirit of Love—like the Universal I AM is divinely loving each and every person all the way to the attainment of Paradise, and entry into eternal service.

The omnipresence of infinite love is directly availing to our hearts, and as we soulfully, wholeheartedly personify this spiritual reality of love in spirit—in holy union with our Spirit incarnate, ever leading the journey to those ascending heavenly estates—we come to reflect, as we wisely elect, that we are in perfecting effect being substantiated, and increased in spiritual worth by true love causes, in the here and now, eternalizing as the love children of our Mother Supreme, and Universal Father—the all pervading, perfectly unified spiritual presence of divine love, is the real, that we feel, and with love will endlessly reveal in every field of encounter.