The Ministry Of Divine Love

The universal ministry of divine love enables us to see, that our relationship with Deity, is always assisted, companioned, and centered in the eternal infinity, of a omnipresent, all-inclusive, unconditional love, divinely served, shared, and administered as a integral part of the personal acting nature our Mother-Father-God—vouchsafed to all their children. The Creator’s ministering mercies are applied love comprised of an all-embracing forgiveness, boundless compassion, and limitless understanding, safeguarding, sustaining, and contributing to the well-being of each and every person throughout the vast universe of universes.

The entire cosmos of living beings are ministered too according to the all-wise, sublimely patient, and transcendently merciful ministrations of a Love Supreme; an unselfish loving attitude embodies the benevolent watch care—a Godsend—found throughout the hierarchy, orders, and agencies of spirit personalities that forever seek the eternal survival, and welfare of every man, woman, and child; the Spirit of love—flowing in and through us—demonstrates a benign, dynamic, creative loveliness in the serving of all souls—as we love God, and lovingly minister to each other—circulating love—we find loving service is a leading characteristic of every member of the family of God, who have received the divine affection, and in like manner are inspired to similarly love.

The divine approach, spiritual application, and cherishing personal touch of God’s great love is eternally merciful; every creature-Creator relation is steeped in the divine ethics, and spiritualizing morals of an overarching, endearing love, personalized, and enjoyed within our very heart and higher mind—true love must be bestowed to unfold—weaving, and forming that unified field, and spiritual fabric composed of every possible interaction of an innumerable array of beings. Thus, may we likewise give forth the love-spirit, as we learn to minister to one another, in loving cooperation, joyous collaboration, and intimate partnership with our beloved Creator’s ministry of divine love.