The Power Of Divine Love

The power of divine love is upon us this very hour, calling it into loving action we allow it to flower; God’s love proves to be the effective destroyer of the hate urge, and with its growing surge, it will potently purge the heart-stream of humanity of over preoccupations with self, while entrusting a spiritual wealth that will bestow a stronger, greater health to the mind, body, and soul, while mightily fostering all people toward being whole, as a divined evolutionary goal—with this burgeon love-force—we are supremely impelled to altruistically unfold.

As divine love continues to empower, it will devour all fears, gradually coming to tower throughout creation; presently, God showers love over all the world refreshing, and immortalizing humankind with a Universal Spirit, progressively renewing, advancing, and spiritualizing every willing being; we’re cosmically designed, in oneness aligned, as true love is globally enshrined, and spiritually birthed to a new era of light and life, powered by an infinite love that increases our spiritual worth—now accelerating, spreading, ministering peace, goodness, and joy in every part of the world, the powers of love divine, without let or hindrance, vigorously unfurls.

An all-powerful eternal reign of love divine encompasses our perfecting civilization, hence, the basis for the realization of loving fraternity between every mortal, angel, and spirit being; the actualizations of agape love reflects the loving presence of the Supreme, which not only universally forgives wrongs, but effectively absorbs and destroys them, even all evils, and weaknesses resulting therefrom, inspiring the greatest motivation for good, and powerfully contributing to our ascendancy as sons and daughters of God. The power of divine love in freely moving through us, is powerfully making all relations, and our blessed earthly sphere, an expanding love frontier, truly beauteous.