The Voice Of Divine Love

The voice of divine love ever speaks within the mind, its mouthpiece is the heart, and although we may seldom hear the loving utterances of the Divine Presence, be assured that it is our source of ongoing auto-revelation—the indwelling Spirit is constantly speaking living truth with spiritual power. The heavenly enunciations of the Universal Creator is conveyed with infinite love, ceaselessly echoing throughout our being, and what we may not hear of this holy airing, we can come to genuinely feel, and discern as truly real.

With supreme choice, and consecrated focus we can elect to listen in to the divine voice of love, and rejoice in knowing that we are so loved by our Creator, who is continually communicating from, and as our spiritual essence; opening our soul-ears we may be touched with spirit tears as interior obstructions clears, and divinely bears the pronouncements of pure love as the inner Spirit declares through our worship, and prayers, that God’s love in all things shares our cares, even though this may be quite to our unawares.

There is a continual communion of divine love giving spirit tongue to the transcendent affection expressing the perfect love nature of our gifted, personalizing, and spiritualizing Spirit indweller; listening ever more deeply to the Spirit talk reverberating within—even though we may not hear a thing—and with steady, abiding faith staying tuned with whole-souled attention, there accrues a paramount need to take devotional heed of our beloved Creator’s unbroken supernal feed; as we spiritually progress in the fullness of time we will eventually come to auspiciously hear the beautiful voice of divine love with sublime clarity via our growing soul as we unfold, and advance in our ascendant climb in loving liaison with the Divine who ever speaks in and through our heart and mind.