The Promptings Of Divine Love

The promptings of divine love impels one to acts of kindness, ever urging the soul to perform deeds of goodness, while lovingly coaxing those compassionate actions that produce the impetus to genuinely share, and spread true love, additionally creating the stimulus for empathized caring, providing the inspiration for the joy of sister-brotherly service, and stirring the being to unselfish regard for all people; love divine is our living springboard for acting benevolently toward each other, for it induces us to an intelligent wholehearted generosity, encouraging, and fostering the incentive to be Godly—ever nudging us into the blessed experience of enlightened giving.

The outgoing love of the Spirit impulses throughout the whole-self, creating altruistic motivations that yield goodwill for all people, moreover, sparking a charity of heart, that moves one into a public-spiritedness, that invokes, and gives rise to a love positive ethical social consciousness—increasing thoughtfulness, neighborliness, friendliness, tolerance, fellow-feeling, unconditional acceptance, and consideration for others; the liberating contributions of infinite love at work within the heart directs the personality, exhilarates the mind, gladdens the soul, brightens the countenance, mightily uplifts, and ignites all souls to bring forth a worldwide citizenship of interconnected beneficence.

Divine love enjoins us to be Godlike, forgiving, understanding, trustworthy, patient, righteous; spiritual love inclines us to make those decisions that entreat our moral courage to be of good cheer while promoting global fraternity, fairness, sincerity; the Spirit of love is motivating, and enlivening the soul to fellowship with that graciousness of spirit that exhorts one to harmonious relating, unselfish cooperation, magnanimous solicitude, munificent support; the Creator’s love obliges, and galvanizes humanity to launch, and circulate a sister-brotherhood of loving rapport, a planetary equity of spiritual affinity based on living truth, and mutual self-respect. The promptings of divine love gently compels us to love each other as God loves us.