The Infinity Of Divine Love

The infinity of divine love is such because the God of love is infinite. The Universal Creator is absolutely and without qualification infinite in divine attributes and characteristics, hence is infinitely enveloping, and infusing all creation with an unending injection of pure love, enabling all souls to boundlessly, personally, heartily feel, and share in this divine quality of love without end, moreover, unceasingly revealing, and showing the true way to love in kind. We are gifted with untold means to experience and give of this inexhaustible bestowment of Deity love—which guarantees there will always be more than enough love to go around.

Our glorious Universal Father-Mother-Infinite Spirit’s perfect love, eternally outpouring from the very Heart of the Paradise Presences, is perpetually down-stepped, modified, and individualized to draw close to every planetary son and daughter, thus providing an unlimited intimacy of contact ever so divinely pleasing to our beloved Creators love dominant nature. Our joyful experience of truly loving in endless variety is very much a direct response of being so thoroughly loved by our Divine Parents whose endearing personalizing omni-love follows us now and throughout the interminable circle of the eternal ages.

Infinity, eternity, and absolute primacy is of the First Great Personality Source and Center from whom divine love descends and forever consorts with all beings—the Creator’s love gifting devoted Spirit, indwells of our very minds, illuminating countless ways spiritual love is influencing our heartfelt actions, that we may multitudinously, and wholeheartedly realize—especially in experiencing the thrilling, never-ending inspiration to love all people—that God truly loves us, accordingly, we will increasingly come to love our Maker, and each other, in first-heart response to the infinity of divine love initiating, and forever embracing the loving companionship of every soul.