Attuning To Divine Love

Attuning to divine love as a conscious act of the heart will eventuate into a perceptible, discernible, palpable, recognizable spiritualizing love phenomena that affects others—including oneself—in powerful ways; a love affinity, rapport, consonance is attained in responsive relationship to the spiritual reality of love seeking expression through oneself—for we are most in concert with true love in flowing it to others. In wholeheartedly receiving, and giving universal love, there comes a knowing that we are actually, absolutely loved by the indwelling Spirit—love’s infinite wellspring—whose divine labors within always operates through love.

Fine-tune to the vibrational pitch of God’s love in worship, prayer, meditation, thanksgiving, and loving agency, soulfully integrating with its aliveness pulsating in the heart, wherefrom it must needs be liberated, and freely bestowed upon our fellows to thrive in the Supreme’s growing synthesis of oneness; experiencing ourselves as adored recipients of this extraordinary love endowment, we can with inspired confidence courageously circulate it to all relations—even the hard to love; with a faithful, identifying reaching, we will assuredly discover, familiarize, harmonize, and embrace those superb serviceable love actions further tuning our souls to infinite love’s precious goals.

Entering into accord with the Paradise Spirit’s inner eternal fount of love is a divinely activating, touching, heartwarming, heavenly affair, stimulating demonstrative loving openness—intended to inevitably, dynamically pass through us freed from conditionality—it will eventually become apparent, evident, manifest, and highly appreciated that we are being spiritually tuned, and toned through love’s grace, for there is a limitless reservoir of pure love of immeasurable proportions always availing, and never failing to be ceaselessly prevailing—in choosing to let the Creator’s love lead the way—by love gifting one another—ultimately brings to light, and insight, the spiritualizing basis for creatively attuning to divine love.


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