The Socialization Of Divine Love

The socialization of divine love begets the organization of love in operation throughout our world—each one reach one, each one teach some—and thus begins with every combination of relation, a love education, eventually touching, and fraternizing the whole population; this global translation of agape love is destined to be the sensation of every association, giving all the world a supreme elevation; God’s love revelation, is a holy invitation, and cause for jubilation, for it is central to humanities spiritual liberation; as we discern our Creator’s loving illustration it will give us a true indication, and cosmic inspiration for heart-steps of loving actualization; with spiritized innovation, and compassionate exploration unfeigned love will emerge into full activation.

The divine plan necessitates every person’s perfecting application of infinite love, ever leading to an era of light and life formation, even now evolving into the essential foundation of all creation; we are presently called to further a love integration that inevitably will produce collective cooperation—without prejudiced discrimination—having eternal duration, this will be the world’s declaration of striving to do God’s will with greater loving skill and adaptation—the basis of every soul’s salvation, this spiritual ground—for all future time—will be our primary cultivation of what the indwelling Spirit has sown in our hearts to be reaped throughout the land in fearless proclamation.

Societies’ participation in unified identification of love divine will create a planetary transformation, and harmonization of humankind; with determination, and spiritual imagination, every soul can be a point of representation, and circulation for the God of love to affect the advancement of all civilization; with each personality expressing a unique variation of spiritual affection, this planet shall realize the everlasting domination, and creative implementation of our Creator’s love. The socialization of divine love becomes the prime motivation, sacred obligation, and supernal demonstration of all divinely love struck beings of God’s great universal formulation.


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