Divine Love In Action

Divine love in action on the stage of earthly life steadily picks up a heralding spreading traction, because it bears such a spiritually compelling attraction, being the premier factor of Godly interaction, providing immense soul satisfaction, for it delivers eternal benefaction, and ministers a perfect exaction of love to each and every cherished soul, even acting effectively as an counteraction to any unloving reaction; infinite love gives supreme satisfaction, bestowing ultimate value to every personality transaction. True love is in no way an abstraction, for all of its deeds require demonstrative personality enactions.

The Spirit’s gentle acts of pure love impacts all the world with the truth and facts that it divinely compacts within every mind, and vibrantly flows through the heart of everyone with whom it lovingly interacts; the Spirit of love will not overtax, but always supernally backs the Creator’s all-wise loving measures to the utter max; we can surely with steadfast faith confidently relax knowing that spiritual love will always wax good as it numinously packs our lives with more than enough sufficient love that never slacks, nor for one moment in any way is unconditional love capable of being lax.

The activity of God’s love is a revealing creativity high in loving productivity, requiring all souls to be conduits bearing spiritual conductivity—a powerful factor in diminishing any and all proclivity toward negativity; Eternal love has profusely come to our world of nativity to produce and inspire a progressivity in comprehensibility, installing everlasting longevity with added loving responsibility, catapulting us into ascending domains of dimensionality, whose all-encompassing efforts perfects soul compatibility for the greatest  success in loving applicability. Omni-love works with the utmost of spirituality, bringing about the universality of all relations, activating the highest of loving service functionality, supremely grounded in divine practicality.