The Feeling And Revealing Of Divine Love

Divine love is revealing the feeling of being all around, everywhere present; viscerally sense the Spirit of love, greatly feel its profound effect gently growing, sublimely deepening, divinely warming, unconditionally loving, and unrivaled peace, laying bare the indwelling Spirit’s gracious care that magnanimously fills, transcendently inspires, and gloriously uplifts our sentient body, welcoming mind, and receptive soul, lavishly bestowing—with consummate understanding—the feel of extraordinary kindness, and absolute acceptance, so comforting, and reassuring through this life, and beyond; the heartfelt recognition of hallowed love, is touching proof that our Creator’s love is a universal truth.

Infinite love feels divinely good, exquisitely beautiful, eternally true, and supremely real; as God’s love endearingly moves through our heart it pleasantly soothes, charging up all attuning souls with the love splendor of heavenly delight, its tender impressions so pleasurably pure, assuringly powerful, and everlastingly protective, creating an extraordinarily nurturing inner sensory atmosphere of lovesome spiritual heat, closer than close, so gratifyingly personal, joyfully intimate, encouragingly supportive, and affectionately focused with the immediacy of divine presence; how enchanting these feelings of love that never leaves, and is a very real part of our beinghood forevermore.

The feeling and revealing of divine love feels like grace, inspiring a heartening, impassioned soulfulness from which we intensely, and radiantly glow with electrifying feelings of loving gratitude, stimulating an attitude of worshipful, loving reverence for God, and a fellow feeling of expressive love for all people; we are ardently enthused, and strikingly kindled by the spiritual fire of our Creator’s love, sparking holy emotions that gives our person an air of loveliness infused with wholehearted compassion, empathy, and the consciousness of loving oneness now establishing the sister-brotherhood of humanity as a bona fide felt-sense of the feeling and revealing of divine love.